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•  Digital Phone (VOIP service)

•  Business Email

•  Fax Services

•  Mobile Office - Telecommuting

•  Collaboration

•  Unified Communications (UC)


Digital Phone

Zaams Systems provides DIGITAL PHONE solutions under Unified Communications Systems and VOIP umbrella that integrates Messaging, Exchange, and Office Communications PLUS fully integrated mobile device support.

VOIP Phone solution - This is the greatest invention of all since sliced bread. Everybody from small business owners to major corporations and not to mention households worldwide are starting to see the benefits of VoIP.

Few Key Benefits are :


VoIP phones are available at a variety of prices with a variety of features. A VoIP phone allows the user to take advantage of the cost-effective VoIP technology. Because a VoIP exchange is based on software rather than hardware, it is easier to alter and maintain, also the services are free of all kind of government taxes. Usually saves between 30 to 80 percent of your current bill depending on your structure.


VoIP phones are available with features such as multiple connections, built-in video camera, caller ID, audio enhancements and external speakers. Offers Features For Free - Everybody loves free stuff. Features that typically cost extra with normal phones are bundled with VoIP. These features include Voice Mail, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Block, Call Return and Do Not Disturb.


Wireless VoIP will work with any WiFi connection around the world---in airports, hotels, cafés and other public venues.

Clarity of Sound

Sound quality is affected by a number of elements, including equipment and Internet connection, but it can be better than traditional telephone service.

Choice of Communication

A VoIP phone can be used for computer-to-computer calls as well as calls from a computer to a traditional telephone.


Traditional PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) based phone systems come in many size ranges and it may be necessary periodically to scrap existing systems and replace hardware; this is not the case with VoIP systems. With VoIP on your network you no longer need separate cabling for your telephone system.

Improve productivity

VoIP treats voice as if it were any other kind of data, so users can attach documents to voice messages or participate in virtual meetings using shared data and videoconferencing.


Business Email

Because email is the most-used Internet application, it is often the most problematic. Zaams Unified Communication Solutions can very well integrate your usual day by day email with other technical tools that make the communications a breeze.

Benefits of a business email account:

Branded Business Email

Set up today.


Access your email through any IMAP client like Outlook, Entourage, Blackberry, iPhone or other Smartphone.

Outlook Integration

Share and sync your Outlook calendars, contacts, and tasks. Access email through Outlook.

Smart phone Syncing

Sync email, calendars, contacts, and tasks in your MainStreet account "over-the-air" with your Smartphone (Iphone or BB). Smart Phone (IPhone) and BB Support - extend the benefits of your messaging and collaboration environment and other tools to your mobile professionals. This Solution provides push-based access to email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes, instant messaging, web-based applications and services and enterprise applications.


Enterprise-Grade Security

Enjoy powerful spam protection and up to date Anti Virus Protection.

Affordable Plans

Plans fit all budgets, sizes, and needs. You decide the one for you. Total Cost of Ownership is a fraction of an in-house messaging solution.


Our System is designed to meet the demands of growing businesses, Zaams Systems can seamlessly deploy e-mail services to accommodate your needs. Whether you need more mailboxes for employees, or different types of access (web-based/IMAP), we can handle it all.  Easily plan and budget your e-mail expenditures and stop worrying about additional hardware and software licenses to meet your growing needs. Free up internal IT staff to work on core business strategies. No additional costs for system maintenance or service upgrades.


Improve messaging with increased reliability, availability, scalability, and security.

Fax Services

Why FAX? Because many organizations today continue to relay on fax as an important business communications tool; at Zaams Systems we believe that we have to support and enhance our customers at all levels, and as a result we integrated FAX services under our Unified Communications Systems. As a result we offer superior and more reliable FAX services like FAX to FAX, FAX to EMAIL, EMAIL to FAX.

Key Benefits:

Never Missed another fax

Your fax will never be missed again, all your faxes are securely stored in our servers, and can be access from you computer or from your Smart Device


You do not have to wait for your fax to come, it will come to you, wherever your have internet access.

Reduced Cost

Reduce network management and maintenance costs with a single converged voice, fax and data network. Also the need to buy additional hardware and consumables.


Mobile Office - Telecommuting

Zaams Systems with its offered tools like: business email, Digital Phone (VOIP technologies), Fax, Corporate Instant Messaging, file exchange, Conferencing capabilities made the concept of Telecommuting reality.

The term "telecommuting" generally describes a work arrangement in which employees work in their homes and "commute" to their offices through the use of such technologies as computers, modems, fax machines, and electronic mail. The boundaries of the telecommuting organization then become more psychological than physical, as employees take their work home and transform part of their home into part of the company's workplace.

Benefits of the system:


Have access to your tools and documents anywhere in the world.

Increase Productivity

Customers and important business matter do not need to wait until next when you get to office.

Cost Savings

Telecommuting helps companies achieve significant savings associated with real estate costs and overhead. Companies can grow without the need to create additional workstations or build new office spaces. The reduced travel time for employees who telecommute also promotes savings in relation to gas prices and automobile maintenance and repair costs.



Zaams System through Unified Communications (UC) enables organizations to communicate quickly and more efficiently by bringing together the multitude of communication channels in use today, such as: email, voice, Instant Messaging, presence, calendar/scheduling, wireless, and video, file sharing and more, into a consolidated infrastructure that allows users to be easily located and contacted in real-time.


Increase Productivity

Through real time access to data, and information productivity increases and redundant process are being removed naturally.

Self Documenting

As documents are created users have instant access to them, and can make decision in timely manner

Lack of physical boundaries

Projects participants do not need to have a physical presence in the meeting room, they can be fully accommodated through specific tools like: Instant Messaging, File Sharing, Conferences, email, phone, etc.


Unified Communications (UC)

Unified Communications (UC) enables organizations to communicate quickly and more efficiently by bringing together the multitude of communication channels in use today, such as: email, voice, Instant Messaging, presence, calendar/scheduling, wireless, and video, file sharing and more, into a consolidated infrastructure that allows users to be easily located and contacted in real-time. UC also serves to make wireless devices an extension of the PBX, as well as the desktop for messaging and file access, in order to provide access from any device, anywhere in a streamlined way. Business professionals, today, recognize the increasing overload of dealing with multiple, different channels of communications. The idea is to turn communications from chaos into a productive working experience that will allow professionals to be more responsive and efficient in their work. With UC, employees can work more efficiently as teams.
Here are some typical scenarios:

I. Collaboration - an individual working with a colleague on a contract proposal can begin an instant messaging conversation, then through presence information see that that colleague is available and begin a voice or video call, and finally perhaps involve one or more additional parties as the conversation progresses and there is a need to draw in expertise from other individuals. This type of situation occurs constantly in business today, and the ability to draw in all the appropriate parties quickly is essential to completing tasks efficiently.

II. Customer Service - also, in a customer service situation, through the use of UC a customer service specialist can access a list of experts in real time, identify through presence information which expert is available, get an issue resolved and quickly get back to a customer. This type of efficiency is essential in many business environments, today, where customer response times are critical to retaining or securing new customers.


More Effective Communications

As companies extend their operations to more locations and add workers with home offices, keeping in touch with their employees can become a challenge. The need for efficient communication and accountability continues to be the number one reason behind UC adoption. To ease the task of communicating efficiently, UC solutions must integrate with corporate directories (such as LDAP or Active Directory), individual contact lists, as well as calendars and scheduling information for automatic management of each user's status and availability for calls and meetings.

Makes it easier to Manage Multiple Devices

UC solutions enable users to view all messages in a single mailbox, notwithstanding of the device or media channel they were originally sent from. Users are free to think about the content of a message, and their communication priorities, rather than worry about the type of device or application being used to send or receive it, and whether or not it will be accessible to the recipient in time. Since all data is stored centrally, any message or data can be accessed anytime from anywhere, even while traveling, irrespective of the device being used.

Improve competitiveness

Being able to communicate effectively and in time, can make the difference between success and failure. Ensuring that employees can get back to customers quickly, can exchange information with partners effectively, and have all data accessible from anywhere at any time can provide a real differentiation in today's business world.

Integration with Business Processes

As more UC solutions offer integration with important corporate applications, such as CRM, ERP and many others, users can quickly gain access to databases via their UC interface, or mash-ups, enabling them to provide better customer service, finish projects on time, and gain critical insights into their work.

  1. Adoption of Related Technologies UC also allows companies to harness the benefits of many new, emerging communication technologies, such as:
    • Presence - Presence information allows users to initiate communications in their preferred way, and provides employees with a tool to better manage their work; day based on calendar events or other inputs such as phone activity or IM session activity.
    • VoIP - offers great cost savings on calls, and is an integral part of any UC deployment.
    • Wi-Fi Convergence - a convergence of VoIP and Wi-Fi, provides seamless connectivity of mobile devices to the VoIP network. It enables richer and more interactive UC communications among users with lower costs by leveraging the home, office, or roaming Wi-Fi networks.
    • SIP - the integration of SIP enables UC vendors to provide high-quality multi-media user experiences for voice, video, chat, and other forms of communications that are interoperable. SIP has become the standard for devices like IP Phones, CPE equipment, and software, both client and server. Like email, UC technologies must be compatible with a wide range of vendors to insure ubiquitous usage across the marketplace.
    • Instant Messaging with XMPP an open standards technology that removes barriers between isolated networks, and allows interoperability, much in the same way email broke down the barriers of closed messaging systems such as AOL, CompuServe and others. XMPP, today, is supported by many public networks including GoogleTalk, and Yahoo. Client support for XMPP ranges from open projects like Pandion, Jabber, and Trillian to corporate solutions like those from Apple (iChat) and CommuniGate Pro.
    • 3G - provides higher bandwidth for application requirements, and offers quick information transfer and advanced services for UC suites. In the future, 4G is expected to expand upon these benefits, offering even higher bandwidth, portability and worldwide roaming.
    • PC to Mobile SMS (also called “land line SMS”) - Allows users to send SMS messages to mobile devices from the desktop. The solution typically just routes the specially formatted message (in SMS format) to the SMSC or a service such Unified Communications as a Software as a Service. This is a very powerful tool for sending alerts, or notices about missed calls.
    • Mobile access to PBX - Full business class services like call transfer, conferencing and ?dial tone ? access from the PBX to mobile devices.
    • Mobile Push - real-time OTA (Over The Air) synchronization services for messaging, calendar information, contacts, and shared folders.
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