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Cost Savings opportunities

No onsite IT staffs to support applications

Hosted solutions avoid the hassles associated with setting up, running, managing, and maintaining an on-premises solution.

Lower implementation and update costs

Due to lower expenses for initial design, planning and set up; as well as lower licensing fees and not having to deal with hardware compatibility issues.

Access to the most up-to-date technology

Hosted solutions provide a seamless upgrade path to the latest versions, and technology without the added costs, while with on-premises solutions businesses have to continually incur the costs of staying current with the latest product releases.

Predictable costs

Hosted solutions charge on a user/month basis, which allows businesses to accurately budget their costs on an annual basis, and plan their investments accordingly.


Any message or data can be accessed anytime from anywhere, even while traveling or working remotely, irrespective of the device being used; users are able to initiate communications in their preferred way, and provides employees with a tool to better manage their work; day based on calendar events or other inputs such as phone activity or IM session activity.

Stronger solutions

Thanks to a hosted solution, smaller businesses can typically afford to access a much more technologically advanced solution than what they would normally be able to afford to run on-premises. We can support your company anywhere in the world, seamless to your end customer.

On demand service

A great opportunity to save even more on possibility to expand your number phone lines as you needed. 

Lower Hardware costs

Only hardware needed are the IP phones - our choice is 60% cheaper than Cisco, with more features and the same grade of reliability.

Lower license cost

One time minimal cost per user, no additional cost involved per duration of the contract.  No Microsoft, Oracle, or other expensive solutions are being used.

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